Pay Per Click

Pay per Click targeted ad campaigns allow you to create simple, effective ads and display them to people already searching online for information related to your business. Keyword-based advertising makes it possible to show your ads only to the most relevant audiences.

In short, you’d be advertising directly to an audience already looking for you!


Standard Campaign Plan

$250 setup fee per Pay per Click engine, plus $75.00 monthly monitoring fee for an ad budget up to $1000 per month. Budgets over $1000 are charged at 5%.Your choice of Google AdWords or Yahoo.

  • Advertizing goals review.
  • Keyword writing.
  • Ad writing and optimization.
  • Setup of your PPC Campaign account.
  • Up to 3 campaigns.
  • Up to 5 ad groups.
  • Up to two Adwords image ads.
  • A single ad group setup includes:
    • Creation of one text Advertisement.
    • Creation of one set of keywords and/or phrases (up to 25) for use with your ad group.
  • Monthly Monitoring and Adjustments.
  • Setup of Google Analytics.
  • Setup of Google Analytics ROI conversion tracking script, funnels , and goals.
  • Campaign performance reports and statistics: for a concise, current ROI view of your campaign.
Campaign Plan Ala Carte
  • Additional text ad group: $25 (must have keywords and ad format supplied)
  • Custom report setup: $25 (recommended)
  • AdWords Image ad: $25 + image creation costs.
  • AdWords Animated image ad: $50 + image creation costs.
  • AdWords Video Ad: $50 + image and video creation costs.
  • AdWords Local Business Ad: $50 (business will be included in Google Maps)
  • AdWords Mobile Ad: $25 + image creation costs if applicable.
  • Analytics website setup for advanced conversion tracking, funnels, and goals: See our Analytics page HERE for pricing
Advanced Campaign Plan
A/B Split testing – Google Adwords Ad Variations

$250 setup fee, plus $125 monthly monitoring fee. Google AdWords required.

Ad variations are multiple versions of an ad for a single product or service, all in the same ad group and related to the same keywords and placements. Variations are a good way to test many versions of the same message to see which works best with potential customers.

  • Standard Plan features.
  • Analytics setup not required
  • Up to 3 Alternate Adwords ads setup. Alternate Ad versions use the same set of targeted keywords.
  • Individual Ads can contain alternate text variations, as well as an alternate URL destination link.
  • The Ads will run alternately within the same ad group, and the account will be set to optimize, so that the best performing ad will be shown most often.
  • We will monitor the Account for one month, and send you an update on the performance stats for the alternate ads.
Premium Campaign Plan
A/B or Multivariate Page Testing – Analytics

$100 One-time setup fee plus $ 50 monthly per A/B or Multivariate Page Testing order. Requires Standard or Advanced plan.

A/B tests compare the performance of two entirely different pages, so you can try out different layouts, move around sections of the page, or change the overall look and feel of a page.

A multivariate test allows you to test content variations in different sections of your page simultaneously. For example, you could try out two different headlines, or two different images, or two different descriptions.


  • Standard or Advanced Plan features.
  • Analytics account setup specific to web optimization code – includes website tracking installation setup for web optimization.
  • One of the following setups: two different headlines, two different images, or two different “your choice”
  • Creation of one of the following alternate versions of your test page for the experiment:
    • A/B testing is set up using two entirely different versions of your test page – your original site page and an alternate version.
    • Multivariate testing is set up using dynamic substitutions on the same landing page.
  • Review of your site for determination/setup of your conversion page.
  • We will monitor the Multivariate test for one month, and send you an update on the performance stats for the alternate content variations

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