Business Catalyst


Business Catalyst helps you build amazing sites and close more deals so that you can create higher profits and grow your business.

Business Catalyst was built for designers. We’re geared up for your success. Our highly customizable system puts the creative power in your hands to achieve your client’s wishes. Our Dreamweaver plugin and FTP support means you can work however you want to. Best of all, our support and training teaches you to sell better and implement faster.

Business Catalyst is a new way to host your client’s business website. Beyond just websites, Business Catalyst gives your clients all the tools they need to succeed, and you the tools to build what they need. No back-end programming, no creative limits, no sweat.

Manage your website and run marketing campaigns. Care for your customers and sell your products. Business Catalyst redefining web hosting for online businesses.


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    Easily Manage Your Own Website

    Your clients are empowered to quickly and easily edit and update their own web pages.

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    Build Your Customer Database

    A built-in contact management system, so your clients can build stronger relationships with their customers.

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    Do some serious marketing

    With our email marketing capabilities built in, along with our next generation reporting, your clients can do some serious email marketing.

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    Sell Anything Online

    Our eCommerce capabilities enable you to build an online shop for your clients, allowing them to sell products online and collect payments in real-time.

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    Executive Insight

    Get a birds-eye-view of your online business as soon as you log in, with integrated reporting.

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    Stay close to the action

    Your clients have an up-to-the-minute view of how their customers are interacting with their online business.

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    Cause and Effect Reporting

    “You sent an email campaign and it made you $10,000.” Business Catalyst is the first web platform that can tell your clients that, straight – without extra code or effort from you!

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    React faster to enquiries

    Your clients can get SMS and Email notifications instantly when they have enquiries or orders come through.

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    Replace 10 Systems With One

    No more remembering multiple log ins and learning different systems, and no more data synchronization hassles!

Here are few examples of Web sites that use Business Catalyst:


Working with your team continues to be a good experience. Many thanks for that. They have been patient waiting for content on the current site. I hope it is not a problem that there is wait time on getting remaining content. -- Lori --