Incorporate Synonyms for Important Terms into Your Site

One of the greatest challenges for website operators is knowing which keywords to use on their site, and when you add synonyms into the mix, it can become even more confusing. Which keywords should you be using? Is it better to focus just on one keyword for your site and try to rank for that keyword? Or should you try to mix synonyms in? For example, if you want to optimize the keyword “electronic medical record” or “EMR,” should you also use the synonym “electronic health record,” or “EHR”?

The short answer is to use as many synonyms as you can get away with without sounding unnatural. Keep in mind that Google and the other search engines do take steps to recognize synonyms for keywords. Google in particular has a Synonyms team which works toward ensuring that the search engine can recognize that “car” and “automobile” are the same thing.

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