New Blog Post: Back to Basics with Keyword Research & Content Creation

Do you feel like your SEO work is hitting a dead end?  After a while, you may see your results begin to fizzle out.  If that is the case, it may be time to re-evaluate your strategy andreturn to SEO basics. Try these simple strategies for SEO success.

Don’t limit your SEO articles to broad keywords.

The broader the keyword, the more results you will get, which means more competition. Therefore, a broad keyword may not necessarily bring you a lot of business.  Do some research and determine what specific keywords will get you results.  For example, rather than using a broad keyword like swimsuit, try specific keywords like girls racing swimsuit or plus size swimsuit.  You can even identify specific products in your keyword, like girls Speedo racing suit size 28.  These specific keywords will generate sales. Choose a specific keyword, test it out, and focus on generating search results.


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