NEWS FLASH: Avasoft Solutions Expands Search Engine Marketing Production

seo specialist

A new SEO Specialist has been added to the Avasoft Solutions’ development staff with the latest addition of team member, Jecosen Jaya.

This expansionwas anticipated to preempt overwhelming client demand for the highly successful SEO programs developed by Avasoft Solutions.

Jeco graduated from the Faculty of Technology Information with a concentration in Software Engineering and rapidly progressed within the IT industry; holding titles as an Application Consultant, ERP Consultant, and Project Leader. <Read Full Bio>

According to Avasoft Solutions’ SEO Project Manager Finella Natawijaya, “We knew we were going to need a new member shortly with the large amount of SEO production work Avasoft continues to receive. With Jeco’s analytical background in ERP and keen perception, he adds a welcome perspective to our SEO staff.”

You can learn more about the SEO programs developed by Avasoft Solutions by visiting the company’s Search Engine Optimization page:

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